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Women's Auxiliary

The Women's Auxiliary is a Vital role to the Antioch Little League Program. Auxiliary started over 40 years ago to run registration, tryouts and social events for the league. 

Today's Auxiliary is a vital unit of the league and the Auxiliary Director oversee all aspects of fundraising, pictures, team parent coordination, opening day / closing day ceremonies, registration and sponsorship. Collect fundraising and sponsorship funds and distribute them to the league treasurer. Help recruit and appoints coordinators to help administer the Auxiliary aspect of the league.

With the help of the team parents and league volunteers, Auxiliary is able to assist in the operation of the league and create fun events / programs for our families. 

The Following assistants are needed each year to help in Women's Auxiliary

Fundraising - Recommend to the board the type of fund raiser (candy sales and/or donations strongly recommended) with approval of board. Coordinate with the various fund raising companies, manage all orders and distribution. Collect all monies raised and reports to Auxiliary Director.

Pictures – Responsible to find a photographic business to take pictures that will either mail to players or deliver to our league. Organize schedule and run the event. Event should be on opening day or date soon thereafter, if possible. Coordinate will all team parents.

Registration – The registration coordinator reports directly to League Exec. Vice-President and Women’s Auxiliary Director. Send out mailers to all players. Coordinate the distribution of flyers to the schools and local business. Contact the local media about upcoming registration and solicit estimates for advertising.

 Team Parent Coordinator – Recruit "Team Parents" or "Team Mom's" for each regular season team and post season Tournament Team and act as a liaison between these teams and the Board of Directors. Disseminate information from the Board to the Team Parents; keeping them updated on all league events as well as Opening and Closing Day schedules.

Opening Day Chair - Coordinates all activities required for the Opening Day Ceremony. This is an important position but the work is done once the games actually start! Secure opening day site. Secure and coordinate with vendors necessary for post opening day activities.

For More Information

For More Information about the Auxiliary or you would like to help -- Contact: 

Tiffany Gavino, Auxiliary Director